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Roam Freely. Blossom Boldly.

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Transform Your Online Home

Elevate your digital footprint with custom website design crafted to embody your brand's essence.


Discover the authentic essence of your brand through our holistic branding solutions.

Craft Your Captivating Brand Identity


Navigate the digital landscape with strategies tailored to elevate your logo designs and branded collateral, propelling your business forward.

Extend Your Brand's Influence

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Our WildHeart Mission

At WildHeart Ridge Design Studio, our mission is to elevate businesses through innovative branding, strategic marketing, and captivating website design.

We believe in crafting strong, enduring brand foundations that allow our clients to authentically share their stories and achieve success amidst the peaks of their industries.

With a commitment to building lasting relationships and guiding our clients through the wilderness of branding and design, we strive to be your trusted partners on the journey to reaching new heights in your business endeavors.

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Our Website Elements (9).png
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WildHeart Ridge Design Studio!


We're MK and Faith, the passionate minds behind every creative endeavor. As a 100% woman-owned company, we're dedicated to empowering businesses with authentic brand design that resonates. From logo creation to web design, we're here to help you roam wildly and blossom boldly.

Wherever life takes you, bloom wildly!

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Explorers' Experiences:
Discover the Triumphs of Our Clients' Journeys

“I am now getting way better results and attendance to my Social Security classes than I was prior, and I know that Faith and Marlaina's design work played an enormous role in that!! I couldn't have asked for a better team to help guide me along this part of my journey.”

-Social Security Education Center

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Unlock Your Brand's Potential

Forge Ahead of the Pack

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